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Pixel Planet was originally conceived in the heart and mind of Aaron Mischel. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from The Brooks Institute of Photography, Aaron searched for a way to apply his education, his passion for people, and his entrepreneurial spirit. What he found was two older men and an office space in Calabasas. The older men, established photographers and still good friends, became partners and the office space became the Pixel Planet studio.

It didn't take long before Aarons passion out paced that of his partners. Realizing this, Aaron chose to take Pixel to the next level on his own. Through dedication, hard work, and a complete remodel of the studio, Aaron began to take the steps necessary to achieving his dream. His ultimate vision was to develop a complete photographic solution company and for the next 4 years thats exactly what he did. Recognizing that lasting business relationships are just as important as passion and new floors, Aaron joined the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce. A couple years later, the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce awarded Pixel Planet the 2008 Small Business of the Year award. Since that time Aaron had become a deputy with the Chamber and continues to give back to the local community whenever possible.

In early 2008, Pixel Planet acquired another photography studio named Tarzana's The Picture Place. Along with the acquisition came 25 years of clientele, and a great photographer named Danny Rivas. It was also at this time the Pixel Planet dedicated itself to being an Earth Friendly Photography studio, caring for the earth whenever possible.

Today Pixel Planet offers photographic solutions for Weddings, Special Events, Portraiture, Real Estate and Architecture along with Commercial Photography to meet any business needs.