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Aaron Mischel, has been a Professional Photographer since 2000. Classically taught at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography he specializes in Portraiture Photography, Architecture, Commercial and Special Events. Aaron owns Pixel Planet Studios, Calabasas, California and is proud to be known as one of the few "green" Photography Studios in the US. Although Aaron was clasically trained with film, he only shoots in digital, and educates his clients on the advantages of using a digital green studio by recommending prints on recycled paper, digital CD slide shows, and other options that eliminate the waste and harm to our planet caused by traditional film/silver based studios.

Margie Richlen, was classically taught at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography. She specializes in wedding photography. Her passion for photography and life is contagious. Her creative eye gives our Brides beautiful imagery of the most important day of their lives.

Breanna Strauss, started as an intern at Pixel Planet while pursing her Bachelors at Brooks Institute of Photography. After earning her degree in Portraiture she became a vital part of the Pixel

family. As the studio manager, she knows how to take care of our clients with kindness, professionalism and patience. You will find Bree answering phone calls, editing files, managing color and she will even help you determine the best place to hang your new wall portraits.

Bree's Rules of Life:

Always, say 'please' and 'thank you'. Always.

Have a personal theme song. Sing it often.

Do something that thrills you at least once a day.

Sometimes, bite off more than you can chew.

Don't be afraid of the color pink.

Always have a goal and work towards it.